The Visa Moving Workers to the United States

The L-1 visa represents an outstanding opportunity for companies to bring or send out top-level workers to the USA from an abroad branch or affiliate. This post explains the visa’s specs and relative advantages.

  1. Certifications. To certify, an international staff member should be a manager, expert, or practically skilled. Within the last three years the worker should also have several years’ experience with the firm or its associates. Affiliates consist of branches of the firm, parent companies, and subsidiaries.

Significantly, business’s investment in the USA have to go to the very least $50,000. This fairly low investment limit allows companies to utilize this visa to send out start-up staff members to the US. Owners, general supervisors, and executives ought to consider this a chance to prolong their companies to America.

USA with this visa

There are no needs concerning the type of product or services the qualifying worker needs to aid provide. Similarly a service and its abroad equivalent do not need to perform the exact same kind of organisation activities. And it makes no distinction whether the business or its counterpart employ ten individuals or 10,000. The L-1 visa uses generally within the international company globe.

  1. Length of Stay in United States. The L-1 visa technically belongs in the temporary, multi-year non-immigrant visa classification, though visa receivers can normally stay in the United States as long as wanted. Would-be visa owners usually submit an application with twin intent. Twin intent implies the worker can request this temporary visa with the purpose of arriving to the US indefinitely.

The L-1 visa is valid for just one year. The visa owner can after that request two-year extensions. Managerial-level employees can expand their remain within the very same category for approximately seven total years; specialist and technological employees for 5 years. These extensions commonly permit an employee to remain in the United States long enough to gain a green card.

  1. Bringing Family Members to USA. L-1 visa owners have the choice of bring their spouses and small kids (under the age of 21) to the United States. The partners can after that get job permits in the USA, and the kids have free access to American public schools apply for visa to usa.
  2. Benefits Over Comparable Visas. The L-1 visa has distinct benefits over numerous similar visa categories, such as B-1, H1-B, and EB-5 visas. B-1 visa holders often have difficulty remaining in the United States long enough to finish their work. The H1-B visa raises the time and expenditure associated with workers who ultimately request green cards. And the EB-5 visa is just set you back too high for just about the most affluent businesspeople.