How to make the cryptocurrency even more safe with

The mixing principle is based on the idea that it is impossible to track the owner if to hide the transaction among others. With, the coins during the transaction are mixed with thousands of other coins, which makes impossible to track the receiver or the sender. In order to understand the essence of the crypto-currency market, it is required to conduct a small analysis of it. It all began in 2009 when bitcoin appeared. The number of coins was limited and the price was difficult to obtain. At the same time, forecasts indicate that the quantitative limit will be reached by 2040. It is the only bitcoin that will be able to repay costs for the acquisition of everything needed for production. But it is worth considering that every year the complexity of its extraction increases.

To date, the stock exchanges are performing various operations using cryptocurrency, which is displayed in transactions and all actions in which the electronic currency is used are irreversible. In doing so, track the further path of money within the system. For today, some say that the market may soon collapse the cryptocurrency, but so far the information is relevant only for the surrogate cryptocurrency, but not as in relation to bitcoins. This system is effective and safe.

To improve the anonymity and safety of the cryptocurrency, many owners use the service. This service works in such steps:

  • It takes the transaction and puts the amount to the mixing pool
  • It mixes the coins with coins of thousand other users
  • The tracking becomes impossible.

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